Galerie Fabienne Fiacre

Nature et Ideal, Some Contemporaries of The Nabis
17 November to 3 December 2016

What if we were not talking about Bonnard and Vuillard but about Charles-Marie DULAC, Charles GUILLOUX, Charles LACOSTE, André DEVAMBEZ or Georges-Paul LEROUX? It is around these artists of the same generation but less known in the history of art that the new exhibition of the Fabienne Fiacre Gallery is organised: natural or lack of naturalness, mystery and subjectivity, to varying degrees between those who "put their mind on the canvas" and those who paint in a more naturalist or decorative vein following Maurice Denis. These are several trends in painting that express themselves around the years 1890/1900. All these young artists exhibit at the avant-garde gallery of Barc de Boutteville and are looking for a new language more exotic than their older impressionists considered "too low ceiling". Works by Albert Besnard, Maurice Denis, André Devambez, Charles-Marie Dulac, Charles Guilloux, Charles Lacoste, Georges Leroux, Edgard Maxence, Émile-René Ménard, Alphonse Osbert and Villé Vallgren.