Galerie Fabienne Fiacre

Happy Those Who Dream !
November 2014

Dream of an elsewhere, Italian or French, through oils on paper by Leprince, Vernet, Gudin, Benner and Rousseau, or more idealised with paintings by Symbolists at the end of the century.

Osbert's poetic iconography is illustrated by the landscape of the soul of The Sleeping Muse. A section of wall and a closed door by Sautai, in ochres and whites, offer an almost photographic absolute of a Street in Ciboure without people, when the small figures of Devambez haunt a delicate snowy landscape against a background of timeless forest. San Salvador del Monte in Florence, is "an Alleluia of Light" (Huysmans) by the rare landscape artist Dulac who, in 1897, recently converted. A 1907 Visitation by Maurice Denis recalls the artist's ambition to rethink the great classical religious art through a decorative symbolism of colors and lines. A head of Bourdelle, L'Effroi, cast in bronze by Hébrard in 1906, based on the low-relief of the 1870 Montauban Monument to the combatants, is next to a plaster Maternity by Drivier, still very Rodinian. A set that the divine Sarah Bernhardt in her Salon contemplates, painted by the English artist Graham Robertson!

From November 6th to November 29th, in association with Chantal KIENER. Works by Joseph Bail, Félix-Joseph Barrias, Jean Benner, Albert Besnard, François Bonvin, Émile-Antoine Bourdelle, Eugène Carrière, Alexandre Charpentier, Maurice Denis, André Devambez, Eugène Devéria, Léon-Ernest Drivier, Charles-Marie Dulac, Edmé-Adolphe Fontaine, Jean-Augustin Franquelin, Théodore Gudin, Jean-Louis Hamon, Jean Lecomte du Nouÿ, René-Émile Ménard, Luc-Olivier Merson, Charles Milcendeau, Alphonse Osbert, Walford Graham Robertson, Théodore Rousseau, Paul-Émile Sautai, José Julio de Souza Pinto, Horace Vernet.